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ZLCC thumping victory over PWCC, Deutweg, Winterthur, 05.07.2020

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The coronavirus situation is coming a bit normal or say it like that the fighting spirit of the mankind with all it might to bring back life how it used to be. Sports wasn’t different as it was impacted and people like us were waiting patiently for it to resume.

Fast forward it to today. It’s a nice sunny Sunday morning of 5th of July 2020. Starting the season the Zürich lions versus the Power Winterthur cricket club. Both teams are eager to get back into the field to play the first season of the match. Arriving early in the morning is first team of Zürich Lions, warming up and getting together well.

Match time now folks. 10 am bright sunny day with clear clouds with temperature around 20 degrees. Toss won by Power CC and they decide to bat first. Zürich lions on the other hand are on their toes.

Match starts on the scheduled time. A brilliant bowling spell by both bowlers Kanishk & Freddie gave early breakthroughs having the scorecard read 5 overs 30/3. Middle over bowlers aint letting settle down the Power batsmen too. Mayur & Senthil operating in tandem to 7 overs 42/4. Power middle order now deciding to break the shackles and getting 20 runs a over in 8th one giving them some breaths. Sajid powered some sixes and looks like Power CC are back in the game. Some scintillating catches by Amit behind the wickets and disciplined bowling by Senthil, Sara & Ankush supported by some nice tidy Fielding department of ZLCC. Halfway thur lads, Power is expected to finish around 130 run mark. Later half of the innings were similar as to what happened in the first 15 overs. However Sajid along with Power tailenders manage to cross the line and put up a fighting score of what read at the end of first innings as 20 overs 141/9. All Zürich lions bowlers chipped in leave apart few overs.

Well begun is half done rightly said. What a beautiful game it is. Isn’t it. Morale of both sides are balanced as for Power they are happy to take that score which is at par while Zürich lions will be pleased though in hindsight a 10-12 more to what they would have thought for the scorecard to read.

Okay fellas, play resumes for the second innings. Chasing the target of 142 is not a cake walk too given the opponents are also willing to put everything they had. Kanishk & Amit starts cautiously in the chase playing some nice drivers and blocking the good ones. Amit perishes trying to up the ante. Ankush joins in, played some beautiful shots and earning the runs by running well between wickets. Very well supported by Kanishk the duo reaches 44/1 in 7 overs only for Ankush to play a lofted shot caught at mid wicket boundary. Sara & Kanishk tried to steady the ship but slowly the required run rate is going up a tad. Kanishk was unfortunate to given run out which was a close call. Zürich lions are in a spot of bother where Sara, Senthil departs in the same over. Having the scorecard 12 overs 60/5. There are gloomy faces around Zürich lions camp as the required score is 8 overs 82 to get. There arrives then Mayur joined by Lokesh. What happened next is the tale of what we say - The game is not over until the last ball. Mayur starting cautiously at first changed the gear and hit some beautiful sixes out of the park. You know, hope is such a beautiful little thing. Never Lose Hope is rightly said. Such in a form Mayur was; the strokes he played, the way he paced the innings respecting the good ones and punishing the bad balls. All of sudden the equation changed, the balance tilted towards Lions needing them 4 overs 44 runs. It’s never over until its over. Lokesh supported Mayur brilliantly only to give such a clear mind for Mayur to take charge without taking risks. They duo changed the course of match. By the time Power CC is taken aback by the counter charge by Zürich lions. They are amazed to see with some really class batting by the duo and shoulders lowered down a bit.

But admit it, it is such a wonderful sport. It is like pendulum swing where in penultimate over only 7 runs came. The match hinges towards any side ; the nail biter comes to the final over of the chase where 13 runs are needed. Hold your seats, go no where folks, tighten up your seat belts. We have been here and seen before the teams crumble in such high pressure situation. These kinds of the situations makes the people brave to put their best foot forward. That’s what champions sides are made of. To be able to hold the nerves.

Mayur the hero of the match hit a beautiful six over the point which would have reminded few people of what happened in 2003 (am not giving hint guys). A couple of run outs made things really really interesting before a crisply driven four made the scores level. God is such a master, he gives the opportunity to the fighter to finish who started it all. To give them a sense of feeling of accomplishment as to what they have done will make them more prudent and brings out the best of such people. A sneak of a single and rightly so from the bat of Mayur; Zürich lions snatches the victory out of jaws of defeat. The team is absolutely thrilled and delighted to having won the match. WHAT A MATCH. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MATCH. Endless joys all around. The scorecard reads 142/7 in 19.4 overs. Zurich lions won by 3 wickets. Major credit goes to Mayur & Loki in the chase.

Time is such a good teacher, it makes you sweat hard, put all what you have; out of 100; half of the times results aren’t your way. We played a lot and mostly lost. But we kept believing ourselves.when you learn how to fight with demons of nerves and put the basics where it belongs; do all you have in the practices. This resilience and this never die attitude is formed. Building trust and building a team takes time; the squad is not what it was supposed to be. Firm believer of the fact that all the blood sweat and hard work eventually pays off. It always does. Tough times don’t last, tough people do. And when such people comes together they make such a team where you can be happy; of which you can be so proud of.

End scenes: Mayur is huddled by all the players, the joy the plain joy of such faces who have had put so many years to pull of such victories; happy faces all around. Being complacent is a not an ideal thing. Keep doing the basics right and results shall follow no matter what.

Cometh the day, cometh the team. Up and ready for the next game. 40 overs challenging game against the same opponents same place. Until then see ya and take rest. Enjoy rest of the day. Stay put, stay well.

Adios amigos


Link to Youtube Videos: Best Batsman - Mayur for his match-winning batting:

Best Bowler - Senthil for his exceptional bowling:

Standing tall and firm - Loki for his crucial innings and Partnership with Mayur, hooray:

ZLCC Victory breakout session (part1):

ZLCC Victory breakout session (part2):

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