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Dominant Lions roar with winning both Pickwick T-20 matches against Winterthur CC & Geneva CC

Date & Time: 02 July 2023 | 0900 | 1230 hrs (CET)

Venue: Embrach

Competition: Pickwick Cup T20 Competition

Draw & Round: Pickwick Cup_Premier Division - Round: 1


We at ZLCC had a tough schedule on Sunday 02-July with two consecutive T-20 matches. ZLCC players exhibited exceptional skills, determination, and teamwork, resulting in resounding victories. The matches were played against strong opponents, demonstrating the team's ability to rise to challenges and deliver outstanding performances.

Clinical Bowling Attack:

The Lions' bowling attack proved to be a potent force, maintaining control over the opponents' batting lineups. Omed, Mayur, Kanishk, Nic consistently picked up crucial wickets, restricting the opposition's run-scoring opportunities.

Efficient Fielding:

Our fielding efforts were praiseworthy, with several crucial catches and run-outs. Tight fielding added pressure on the opposition and created additional opportunities for breakthroughs.

Captaincy and Team Strategy:

The captain's astute decision-making and strategic planning were essential in guiding the team to consecutive victories.

Effective field placements and bowling changes contributed significantly to the our success.

Our consecutive T-20 victories against strong opponents reflect our exceptional talent, determination, and teamwork. All players' remarkable performances with both bat and ball, coupled with well-executed strategies, have contributed to these victories.

The team's success in these matches serves as a testament to our dedication.



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