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CST10 QF: Zurich Lions clinch a thriller against Pakhtoon ZCC, Basel

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

with this win against Pakhtoon, Lions to face

Match Info: League: CS T10

Match day: Saturday 25.09.2021

Match time: 17:00 am CET

Venue: Bachgraben, Basel

Show time lads. There we go for the toss

Toss time: Zurich lions CC won the toss and elected to bat first.

Match begins:

Zurich lions didn’t open well when Kanishk fell in the very first ball and Ankush fell in the same over. Not a good start they wanted as by half of their innings and in 5th over they were in trouble loosing Mayank and Senthil. Mayur followed soon as by 6th over it was 33/6.

In T-10 kind of matches, you have very little room and small margins of error and no breathing space between overs. Teams hardly knows what is the good total and in the pursuit to go harder, they lose wickets in a flurry. Sara and Sheshu had no options but to counter attack to set a par score, and they did it with their best. In the end Sarfaraz also made handy runs as Lions ended 78/7 in 10 overs.

Time for a break 10 mins.

In 10 overs to chase 8 an over is always said to be easy given when the Paktoons are known for slogging and power hitting. The chase began for them but a great throw and run out by Ankush/Sonu saw first blood. Pakhtoon were running away when they scored 6 overs 50 and Arif was playing all guns. 4 overs and 28 runs with 9 wickets in hand; 9 out of 10 times you would bet on chasing team to do it easily.

Lions didn’t give up and crucial breakthrough by Kanishk another wicket and only one run in over. 7 overs 54/2. Still plenty of hitters in their backyard, they were coming hard at lions. Another great 8th over by Sonu and still 20 runs needed. What we saw in 9th over was an amazing display of holding to nerves and young Omed bowled sensationally to get 2 wickets and give away only 4 runs. Absolutely dust of gold. Every single ball. Sara bowled the final over which a challenging task but he kept his cool to give only 10 runs when he had 16 runs to defend.

Absolute great scenes. A sensational victory. Lions have done what they couldn’t do before. Dreams are made of such days.

Lions will be playing semifinals against Olten cc on next Saturday 02nd October in Cossonay.

Hunt in pack, always together. Go Lions.


Zurich Lions CC– 10 overs 78/7 (Sara -17, Sheshu 15, Mayank 9 ; Arif 2/10, Basheer 2/19, Shakir 1/12)

Pakhtoon CC – 10 overs 73/5 (Arif 31, Izhar 15, Asad 11; Omed 2/11, Kanishk 1/5, Sara 1/28)

Omed and Sara both were jointly adjudged men of the match for their performances.

I hope you enjoy reading this match report as much as I did writing it.

Ciao - TeamZLCC




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