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Zurich Super Lions rejoiced: CS Cricketer Pro Cup Division II - T20 Maiden Victory against ZCCC - 3

Standing tall and delivered, Sara with the amazing bowling spell (4/0/10/2) and 39 (37) runs played a critical role in Super Lions maiden victory. Arijeet anchored a crucial partnership of 37 runs with Sara and scored the last run to seal the victory for Super Lions.

I am incredibly proud of our team’s performance today. Every player contributed significantly to our thrilling victory. In our last game, I emphasized the importance of small contributions from everyone making a difference. Today, we witnessed exactly that. Each player, through their dedication and efforts, made those critical small contributions that collectively led to our success. It’s this team spirit and collective effort that helped us cross the line and register our first win.
Today’s victory was a team effort, and everyone played their part magnificently. The bowlers set the stage with disciplined and effective spells, while the batsmen ensured a calculated chase. Our fielding was sharp and precise, complementing our bowling attack. Sara, Captain

Draw: CricketerPro Cup Division II

Date & Time: 23th June 2024, 1430 hrs CET

Venue: Deutweg, Winterthur

Toss: ZCCC – 3 won the toss and elected to Bat

Super Lions opens the bowling with Adi, who with his exceptional and swinging deliveries created a havoc in the opposition as ZCCC – 3 opener lefty was declared LBW at 1/1. Adi throughout the 1st innings was instrumental in putting pressure on the opposition. His figures of 2 wickets for 12 runs in 4 overs set the tone for Zurich Super Lions bowling attack.

Sara, with his spinning wizardly and some exceptional deliveries, make another breakthrough by sending another ZCCC – 3 batsman to pavilion at 7/3. Quite intelligent in field placing and bowling was complemented as at the end of 10th over, ZCCC-3 were 44/4. Zurich Super Lions bowlers were not looking back as by end of 15 overs, ZCCC – 3, lost 7 wickets at 76 runs.

Srini showcased his skill with an impressive spell, taking 2 wickets for just 23 runs in his 4 overs. Srini took the wicket of Tasal Momand, who resisted Super Lions bowling attack and made a well deserved 45 Runs (4x3 / 6x1). His knack for breaking partnerships was crucial to our success.

Freddie also delivered a tight spell, conceding only 17 runs in his 2 overs. His disciplined bowling kept the opposition under constant pressure. Sam and Arijeet were equally effective, each contributing with tight spells. Sam took 2 wickets while Arijeet chipped in with 1 wicket. Their economical bowling maintained the pressure on the opposition throughout the innings.

From the first ball to the final wicket, every moment was packed with excitement and intensity and at the end of 20th overs, ZCCC-3, put a target of 106 for Super Lions.

Trio Lokesh, Amit and Minal contributed valuable runs at the top of the order, setting a solid foundation for our chase. With a clear mind to score most in the power play, Super Lions were 33/3. Not perturbed by the lost of wickets, Sara and Arijeet took on the charge and kept the hope for Super Lions. With a strike rate of 106, Sara was looking solid in chase with rotating the strike and hitting boundaries just when we needed them. He scored 39 runs that included 4x4 and 6x1 until he was caught at 82/6. Super Lions still had to go some distance, and Arijeet was holding his end and was supported by Srini and Prashant. Super Lions kept their nerves and chased the target on the last bowl of the innings.

Great Game guys!! This victory is just the beginning. We’ve set a high standard for ourselves, and we’re excited to keep pushing boundaries and achieving more milestones. Each game is a new opportunity to learn, grow, and showcase our talent.

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If you share our passion for cricket and want to be part of this amazing journey, reach out to us. Whether as a player, supporter, or sponsor, there’s a place for everyone in our Team.

Upward and onward! 🏏🔥

TeamZLCC and Super Lions


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