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Zurich Lions 🦁 Season 2020 Journey

Way-forward to Season 2021

Hey people - we hope everyone is safe and sound with their families. Despite the lurking threat of COVID and with the challenging situation we have had a fantastic season of Cricket. Zurich Lions Cricket Club would like to thank all it's supporters, players and Cricket Switzerland management for managing an extra-ordinary season with all the safety measures. We are thankful and couldn't have asked much for a great cricket season, after all sports and cricket is such a binding force.

In the recently concluded Pickwick T-20 and CSPL league Cricket Switzerland - Zurich Lions CC would also like to congratulate all the players for giving their best on and off the field. Just a margin of a hanging thread we missed out semis-berth for T-20 on net run rates.

Nevertheless, plenty to take positives from the season; Mayur and Ankush batted brilliantly; Gokul, Lokesh & Amit gave ample support whenever needed in batting unit. Kanishk, Freddie as opener bowlers; Sara and Mayur as good spin partners and young bloods of Sarfaraz, Omed and Aditya as good bowling and fielding unit – on a calm shoulder of captain Senthil; mentored by a practical and cool headed Shehsu- Zurich Lions can promise only to get better in terms of skills and approach coming seasons.

We would hereby also congratulate all our club players who did amazingly well and would like to call out especially the below players for their outstanding contribution in this season and look forward for an exciting season next year.

T-20 & CSPL Best Batsmen :Mayur : (for his brilliant all-round performance)

6 Matches : 206 runs which included 2 half centuries with an average of 41.20 and an amazing strike rate of 190.72 and highest score of an unforgettable 82 of a valiant effort vs WCC.

Ankush : (again an outstanding all-round performance) 6 Matches : 199 runs which included 2 half centuries with an average of 33.17 and an amazing strike rate of 113 and highest score of 61.

Best Bowlers Sara for 11 wickets in 6 matches with best spell of 4/34. Mayur for 9 wickets in 6 matches with best spell of 3/15 Kanishk for 9 wickets in 6 matches with best spell of 3/38

Amit (WK) was overall 6th in the leagues as per number of dismissals (6 catches, 2 stumping and 1 run out).

And once again Congratulation to Mayur (2nd position) and Ankush (14th position) for being in Dream XI MVP squad in concluded T-20 league in Cricket Switzerland.

We have and we shall shine! The best is yet to be!

Take care of yourself and your near and dear ones.

Have a nice weekend!!


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