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ZLCC Season 2020: The Journey of an inspired bunch

Zurich Lions Cricket Club – ZLCC ended the 2020 season with a mixed bag. They missed the semi-final berth of Pick-wick T20 by the thin margin on net run rate where they were placed fifth. In the CSPL 40 overs the team could have done better but having all said and done, the encouraging performance from the team makes it as a force to reckon. Lions humbled some big names this season beating Power CC and St. Gallen while narrowly losing some of their matches, the losses comes with their lessons – especially holding onto their nerves.

Of course at times loosing hurts and missing by a thin margin to a spectacular season, Lions would still take a lot of positives out of this season, they have had put a lot of hard work, commitment to keep continuing their weekly practice sessions, having involved the team as a family, worked on their fitness, improved their fielding and batting.

Everyone’s contribution in the games played has been phenomenal. As the season got deeper, we really showed what we are about and it is great to see some guys playing so freely in a short space of time. It is amazing to see where this team can go when we get it together.

Nevertheless, it takes a lot of blood and sweat to bring a club to a level where it is formidable and is not afraid to go after bigger stable teams and give them run for their money. What would be a good lesson this season is to shrug off the defensive mindset, defensive approach in chases and apply basics when needed. It takes a while when all above said are exhibited in ground together. It comes with the time, and it will.

Plenty to take positives from this season. Mayur and Ankush batted brilliantly, Lokesh & Amit gave ample support whenever needed. Kanishk, Freddie as opener bowlers; Sara and Mayur as good spin partners and young bloods of Sarfaraz, Omed and Aditya as good fielding unit – on a calm shoulder of captain Senthil; mentored by a practical and cool headed guy Shehsu- Lions can promise only to get better in terms of skills and approach coming seasons.

We know if we play our best game of cricket, we can beat most teams, which is not impossible thing to do; it is where we are at. We know how strong this team is and it is really exciting to be a part of it. A win or loss does not deter the sportsman spirit as we learn by every match we play; every day is a new day in field. The sportsmanship inside us should not die; the passion for cricket shall always be igniting.

Despite the lurking threat of COVID and with the challenging situation, we have had a fantastic season of Cricket. Zurich Lions Cricket Club would like to thank all its supporters, players and Cricket Switzerland management for managing an extra-ordinary season with all the safety measures. We are thankful and could not have asked much for a great cricket season, after all sports and cricket is such a binding force.

There is a massive year coming up again and hopefully we will be able to play a full part in it. That's the big challenge, just making sure we stay fit, especially throughout this lean period.

Ray of hopes are still bright. A brilliant unit all-looking forward eagerly for the next season to come.


Snehil for ZLCC

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