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T20: Zurich lions T20 Tournament journey ends with loss

Lions lost both T20s game against Power CC and Pakhtoon CC, 08 Aug. 2021, Deutweg

1st T20: Lions v Power CC

Match info:

Date : 08-08-2021, 11:00 CEST

Toss : ZLCC CC won the toss and elected to bowl first against Power CC

Ground : Deutweg, Witherthur

Sheshu was adjudged MoM for his

60 runs (5 fours, 3 sixes) for Zurich Lions team.

Zurich lions were deprived for a win against Power Winterthur CC in where they lost by 41 runs. After winning the toss ZLCC chose to bowl first. Small boundaries, quick outfield and on easy surface Lion’s bowlers were very good upfront in the first 6 overs as there was swing and movement and PWCC openers just lost 2 wickets. Even with the power packed hitting side, Lions did exceptionally well to come back from 16 overs 171/7 to wrap up PWCC for 180 after 20 overs. Target to win was 181 runs in 20 overs.

Time for a break – 10 mins. Second innings to start.

ZLCC started the chase in quite a positive intent but luck also not favoring at one point 10 overs 78/3. Lions were still in hunt but after losing momentum they could not cross the line and finished 41 runs short of the target. Bowlers did their best but with such a power packed side it was always going to be challenging. Sheshu played a superb innings with some scintillating shots for 60 runs who was the highest scorer for Lions.


ZLCC CC won the toss and decided to bowl first lost against PWCC by 41 runs

PWCC : 20 overs 180 all out (Arshad 48, Asad 32, Faraz 31; Sara -2/19, Sonu 2/22, Mayur 2/46)

Zürich Lions: 20 overs 139 all out (Sheshu 60, Senthil 27, Mayur 11, Aman 3/16, Afzal 3/25,Sajid 3/31)


2nd T20: Lions v Pakhtoon Zhalmi CC

Match 2 info:

Date : 08-08-2021, 15:00 CEST

Toss : ZLCC CC won the toss and elected to bat first against Pakhtoon Zalmi CC

Ground : Deutweg, Witherthur

Playing 2 back to back matches were always going to get a bit tricky but Lions had to face Pakthoon Zalmi CC for their last match for T-20 tournament.

For a change lions were batting first in the their last match and after the first loss to PWCC it looked a change in strategy to rather set a target than chasing second.

Zurich lions started well in their batting, where Kanishk and Ankush (21 Runs). Mayank & Kanishk stitched another good partnership and they had the board moving at 8rpo. Kanishk (45 Runs) & Mayank (30 Runs) but lions could not capitalize the start they got and perhaps missed to up the ante in the last 10 overs. First 10 yielded 80/1 and last 10 overs 71, which was for sure below far when lions finished their innings at 151/7.

Time for a break – 10 mins. Second innings to start.

Lions were on top when Sonu cleaned opener of Pakthoon Zalmi in the first over. Pakthoon Zalmi other batsmen took their time to settle in and got their eyes before they could charge in. Good comeback by Sara where he took 2 wickets in 1 over and board was 9 overs 56/3. Unfortunately middle few overs went for too many and the momentum got shifted. In the hindsight couple of dropped catches proved costly before lions could fight back into the game. 5 overs and only 35 needed with 5 wickets in hand. By the 19th over scores were tied. With only 1 run to win and match already been tied Ankush came to bowl last over and Sheshu took an extra-ordinary catch to bring Pakhtoon zalmi to wait for the win as the match got tied and super over was needed to decide for a win.

Match went to the super over where Pakhtoon scored 10 runs losing 2 wickets but lions fell short by 6 runs as they could score only 4 runs.

It’s the tale of so near, yet so far. We must learn to pick our battles wisely and come back stronger in coming games. It’s heartbreaking but that’s sports. Sometime we win, other times we learn. In the win or in the loss, we are always together. We did and tried our best what was in our hands and had the luck been a little bit on our side, table would have shown different results. Nevertheless, chin up; move on – fall down seven times, stand up eighth.

Lions will play T-10 tournament in St. Gallen on the coming weekend on 14-15 August. Quite hopeful that we would be able to reclaim our pride in the best of our abilities.

Until then it’s a good-bye and see you soon.




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