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T20: Lions crushed Winterthur CC in a high anticipated clash for a major win

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Match 2 info:

Date : 11-07-2021, 16:30 CEST

Toss : Winterthur CC won the toss and elected to Bat

Ground : Embrach Cricket Ground

1st Innings: WCC Batting

Coming back as wounded lions after losing to the just ended match in Pickwick T-20 against Nomads CC earlier in the afternoon it was a must win match for the Zurich lions as they faced the rivals Winterthur CC. It was a highly anticipated clash and much needed win for both the teams and to prove the prowess of their skills.

Winterthur got the very first blow when Cheema was caught superbly by Omed on Kanishk’s bowling. Zurich lions then blew away Winterthur batsmen as the opener bowlers duo of Kanishk and Snehil ran riot over them. At the end of 4th over Winterthur was reeling at 5 wickets for only 7 runs. Kanishk got Cheema and Deesh and Snehil got Mohamed then Numan and Tharani on back-to-back bowls and just missing the hat trick by a whisker as the ball fell short of Sara in the first slip. With the new bowl, the ZLCC bowlers made extreme good use of pace and swing and Winterthur batsmen had no answers to that.

Extra-ordinary display of the bowling and extremely good fielding made sure Winterthur had no escape. Only Diyon and Kresley could reach to double digits as later Mayur, Omed and Sara cleaned up the middle order and tail of Winterthur for a paltry total of 57/10 at 16.2 overs.

Time for a break – 10 mins. Second innings to start

2nd Innings: ZLCC Batting

Having done the job almost done, ZLCC batsmen were in no hurry to make any mistake as they comfortably chased down the target in just 11 overs with 6 wickets to spare. All of the batsmen played sensibly to deny any kind of comeback to Winterthur CC. Needless to say how superbly this was setup by the ZLCC bowlers and fielders in the first innings and then later the ZLCC batsmen sealed the deal.

By in large a thumping victory over the rivals gave a sense of great comeback to Zurich lions who have 4 matches to come in T-20 to come and lot to turn around the table.

What ends well is well, despite the loss to Nomads CC, Zurich lions can held their heads high; work on the few areas of batting and middle order and then we can for sure give run to their money come whichever team they face.


Winterthur CC won the toss and decided to bat first lost to Zurich lions by 6 wickets

Winterthur CC: 16.2 overs 57/10 (Diyon 17, Kersley 16; Snehil 3/13, Mayur 2/2, Omed 2/12, Kanishk 2/13, Sara 1/6)

Zürich Lions CC: 11 overs 61/4 (Senthil 19*, Kanishk 13, Mayank 11, Cheema– 2/18, Tharani 1/17)

Until next time take care and stay safe.


Snehil TeamZLCC

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