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CSRL: Tough Loss for Super Lions Vs Eagles CC, 26 May 2024

Super Lions started their maiden Cricket Switzerland Regional League, CSRL with a tough defeat by 56 runs against Eagles CC. Well played Kanagan and Congratulations to Eagles👏🏼.

Date: Sunday | 26 May 2024

Time: 1200 hrs (CET)

Venue: Hedingen

Fixture: Cricket Switzerland Regional league

Toss: Eagles CC won the toss and elected to Bat

Super Lions opening bowlers Pranav and Aditya started the attack and from the very first over, were relentless and precise. In 5th over, Pranav clinched the 1st wicket (15/1) and aggressive Super Lions bowlers and fielders were on top the situation with Eagles 39/3 after 9 overs. An injury to Pranav, left Captain Sara to bring Gulshan in the attack as Pranav rushed off the field.

At the end of 20th over, Super Lions were on top of the situation putting Eagles at 94/5. Kanagan kept one end strong for Eagles. It was a field day for Super Lions, as to what they believe to restrict Eagles around 130-/ the fielders did not support their bowlers and kept dropping catches that elevated Eagles to put a formidable target of 182 in 40 overs.

It was already a field day for Super Lions, starting the chase Super Lions lost its opener batter ‘Amit’ in the very second over (7/1). Loki and Gulshan tried to built a partnership, but unfortunately Gulshan was Run out in a self made disaster at 22/2 (5.4 overs). After that Super Lions struggles to built partnership as Eagles keep on clinching wickets 22-3 ( Freddie - 6.3 overs ), 36-4 ( Sam - 9.3 overs ), 41-5 ( Lokesh - 10.4 overs ), 48-6 ( Srinivas - 12.2 overs ), 56-7 and ( Sara - 13.3 overs ). At the end of 15 overs, Super Lions were 62/8 and moving towards a defeat by big margin.

Super Lions were already playing one batter short with Pranav being off the field after knee injury. Then, Super Lions saw courage and stand-out counter attack by Yuva and Adi. Their partnership put Eagles on the back-foot as boundaries were flourishing all round the field. Yuva scored a blistering 43 runs (4*2 / 6*4) and Adi with his invaluable 16 runs (6*1) put together 56 runs.

Super Lions knew that the task was like vertical mountain climb and with last wicked on field. Yuva carried on his onslaught and in this effort was caught out at third man. Super Lions, unfortunately were at the defeating end but were proud with the determinations, aggressive partnership and game show of Yuva and Adi. Hatsoff to them. Yuva was chosen as MVP with his 43 Runs and 3 wickets.

Super Lions congratulates Eagles CC for being such a sportsmanship and on their win. Special note to Eagles CC keeper and batter Kanagan Vincent Robert for his 63 Runs off 83 balls (4*3 / 6*2).

We’ll analyze what went wrong, improve our strategies, and continue to work harder than ever. We'll be back, more determined and focused. Super Lions next encounter is on 16 June 2024 and against with Eagles CC, see you guys in Deutweg, Winterthur.



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