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CSPL: Heartbreak for Lions in a close encounter with Power CC

In some close matches in last few seasons Zurich lions have had beaten PWCC and were looking to continue to be known as beating the big teams. This was the time for the clash of both of the teams again in CSPL 40 overs 2022. Having lost the first match against Geneva CC; Zurich lions CC are aware of the class of big teams and looking to get into the big boys club and maintain this run.

Match info:

Date :22.05.2022, 1200 hrs. CEST

Toss :PWCC won the toss and elected to Bat

Ground :Deutweg Winterthur

First Innings

After winning the toss PWCC openers Osama and Abdullah started the batting. However a wonderful backtracking catch by Ankush in Sonu’s bowling at the short fine leg running towards boundary got Osama out and ZLCC drew the first blood. The board read 1 over 1/1. Afzal joined Abdullah and with some cautious few overs, both were trying to settle down. Sonu and Kanishk from ZLCC were on money with the new ball. They also cashed on some loose overs in between but change in bowling brought Snehil from ZLCC and he immediately got Afzal caught at mid off by Omed when the scoreboard was 8 overs 50/2. Snehil & Senthil bowled some really tight overs in the middle and that resulted in another wicket as Snehil got another big fish Abdullah who is known for his class batting; not without another wonderful catch by Ankush again at deep point. Scoreboard was 10 overs 61/3. PWCC was trying to recover from this blow but were again blown by Ali’s wicket who got out behind the wicket to Mayank without scoring in Senthil’s bowling. With impeccable line and lengths by these two bowlers ZLCC were on high. Senthil in his next few overs completely broke the middle order of PWCC as he got two of their best batsmen Asad & Faraz in quick succession as the scoreboard was 15 overs 72/6.

Cricket is game of reading the minds. ZLCC could’ve gone for the kill when most of PWCC batters were back in pavilion. But after the break as it happens quite often PWCC got some time to think and breathe. Both new batsmen Aman & Arbab played sensibly to cut out threats and used the spread field for their advantage. That’s where ZLCC might feel they allowed them to rotate the strikes where as they could’ve gone for more aggressive field. Nevertheless, the duo batters reached to team 100 and then took advantage of spinners of ZLCC. The duo of Senthil and Snehil were brought back in the attack by ZLCC captain and immediately Senthil got Arbab caught by Sonu. Score was 28 overs 156/7. Snehil also then got well set Aman out as Aman got caught at deep mid wicket by Sheshu. Nevertheless the partnership between them and Aman made 68 runs got PWCC back in the game.

ZLCC will really feel they allowed PWCC to score a lot of runs given when they were 72/6 but again PWCC batters did well so consolidate. However with only 14 extras and disciplined bowling it was a splendid effort by ZLCC to contain and power packed team like PWCC for only 195 which they generally score in 20 overs. This chase was not difficult but tricky for sure as you need partnerships and little patience to play out 40 overs. With only 5rpo it was doable. Let’s see what panned out in the chase.

Time for a break – 30 mins. Second innings to start.

Second Innings

Ankush and Kanishk started in a disciplined manner. PWCC bowlers were accurate in their line and lengths. Ankush perished while trying to attack in Ali’s bowling and scoreboard was 4 overs 24/1. Soon after Mayank was out too when the scorecard read 6 overs 28/2. Required run

rate was not a problem but getting crucial partnership was very important. That’s what Kanishk and Senthil did as they both were being watchful and were scoring runs on lose balls. Kanishk played some wonderful drives and cheeky lap shots and he kept scoring; whereas Senthil was also having luck by his side and was ably scoring runs. The 3rd wicket partnership was 85 runs in 78 balls and it all looked under control. It was 20 overs 112/2 and only 84 runs needed in 120 balls.

Drinks break things changed dramatically and things went upside down. First Senthil got caught at mid wicket and soon next over Kanishk was lbw. Mayur gone for 0 in the same over as Ali was turning the tides and all these 5 wickets went to him. Look, in how such a quick time things changed dramatically and a easy looking chase became a tricky one. Sheshu and Sara tried to steady the chase but in pursuit of that PWCC totally took benefit of the situation and used their spinners heavily. Even when such spinners can be hit and were easy to score runs; ZLCC batters went to a bit of defensive mode and in the hindsight it was a nail in the foot. They must and should’ve rotated the strike and not allowed opposition to take control of the game. And when they know it wasn’t so much of a ask to have scoreboard moving with run a ball. Nevertheless, self and situation made pressure got onto both of them as they were out in quick succession. All of a sudden it became 20 overs 112/2 to 30 overs 132/7. Imagine having scored only 20 runs in 60 balls and then losing 5 key wickets. It was self made disaster by the ZLCC middle order batsmen. All pressure was on ZLCC lower order to rescue, counter attack, salvage the pride and try to chase down this score. With 60 balls 66 runs needed Sarfaraz and Snehil literally pulled of one of the best heist in ZLCC history. Both of the batters looked fearless, not going into shell and were scoring runs; running between the wicket was brilliant and that made PWCC re-think their plan as they got tensed if these two would’ve played out ZLCC would win. Before Snehil got out to Ali who was brought back as the spearhead to take wickets, and he did. Sarfaraz and Snehil did 35 runs partnership in 28 balls. It was Ali and he was having a good day as he took his 6th wicket. Sonu joined in middle and ably helped Sarfaraz but a wonderful “stick-in-the-hand” catch at boundary got Sarfaraz out not before Sarfaraz made a wonderful 28 runs (26 balls, 5 fours), Snehil made 12 (12 balls, 1 four) both these duo gave hope to ZLCC but were unlucky. Last wicket of Sonu and Omed were to make 18 runs in 18 balls but Omed also got caught and eventually ZLCC lost a easy, self made hard and then close match by 16 runs. PWCC had their heart in their mouth at one stage but somehow jail break happened for them.

No complains whatsoever if the match is lost, it’s lost. A lot of soul searching how did ZLCC allow PWCC to score 195 after having them in pocket for 72/6. And then in the chase 20 overs 112/2. How did we bottle this simple chase. Less than run a ball chase. The influence of the top and middle order again showed how important the middle order mindset must be.

It’s a loss that hurts badly, let it hurt but promise yourself to come back. “The harder the setback, the greater the comeback”. Time to shifts things around quickly, re-group together and shift the focus to the T10 tournament which starts on 3rd June in Zuoz. Let’s regroup together, work on our weaknesses and give our best. Wish the team for a successful run in the Zuoz tour.

PWCC : 40 overs 195 all out (Aman 68, Arbab 24; Senthil 5/28, Snehil 3/42, Sonu 2/15)

ZLCC : 40 overs 179 all out (Kanishk 47,Senthil 35, Sarfaraz 28; Ali 6/18, Adbullah 2/46, Asad 1/25)

Senthil was adjudged MoM for this 35 runs & 5 wicket haul; Sarfaraz also shared the same for his wonderful contribution of 28 to give lions a hope.


Wish you a great week ahead.

Snehil Joshi TeamZLCC

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