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Cometh the Season, Cometh the Team: Same Spirit - Same Gang 🦁

Hey Fam!

Hope everyone is keeping well in these challenging times. It has been a remarkable 2020 in terms of everything and how has a small virus changed the outlook of entire world we live in.

First of all, thanks a lot from us to everyone who supported us – kudos to all of you. The vast majority of us who need to clench our jaws and bite down hard to the daily compulsions, it been tough. It still is a difficult time for many of us personally, physically, mentally and to say in short – overwhelming to comprehend as everything around us changed, the way we eat, meet, greet- everything.

Nevertheless, in these tough times, what kept us together was a very passion of our beloved sport – Cricket.

So to all of us - we have done well and our team followed when Leonard Cohen sang -

Ring the bells that still can ring, Forget your perfect offering, There is a crack, a crack in everything - That's how the light gets in.

Nothing more gets apt in current times, keep trying and there is always a silver line above the clouds. Keeping things simple is what we always believe in, do the basics right. It’s not the strongest or the bravest that survives, it’s the one who adapts.

We are adapting well; we are following the measures provided by govt. and authorities, lads are working out at their homes, coming together in small bunches for some knocks, running, skipping – whatever keeping us motivated for Season 2021.

Hope everyone of you who supports us through our thick and thins are ready to see us roaring to go again to the new season. We have been working hard on fitness and skills.

Looking forward to meeting if there are any new prospect cricketers wants us to join for practice sessions, to join our team or to support us via any means – you are welcome!! This is your place, Zurich Lions 🦁 - We the - Crew together, brew together!!

It’s coming soon and we hope we will deliver – best of our caliber.

Drop a line or DM us at our

Facebook page - @zurichlionscc

Twitter - @zurichlionscc

Keep shining !!

Snehil @ ZLCC




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